Menu enables Financial Services Providers shave off a 3-second step from millions of transactions daily.

Perform Transactions with only NUBAN Account Numbers

(No Bank Name or Code required)
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How it works?

  • Don't ask that customer for their bank name, Get it from this API!
  • Don't wonder if it is a valid bank account number, Validate it with this API!

You can test the solution right here or integrate with your application using our API end points.

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Just select the option in the menu above.

Get API Authentication Key

You will get a unique API Authentication Key that you should pass in your request body.

Call API

Pass appropriate fields in your request body as included in the documentation (See above).

Integrate With Your App

Get response from our API and impress your customers with your guess-ability.

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Cool features you'll love.

Our API provides two services. NUBAN validation and Get Bank from NUBAN.

Speed Of Light API Response

Accurate Result

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Questions and Answers.

What are the security features?

Your information is safe with us. We do not in any way use your NUBAN for illegal purposes.

How long can I use the API?

This demo server is provided for evaluation purpose only. There is no limit set however fair usage rules apply. Kindly contact us should you be interested in integrating in an Enterprise solution.